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Asian Persimmon

  • Asian persimmon.

  • Great flavour.

  • Very popular in the USA.

Saijo Asian Persimmon Description

Saijo is an astringent, self-pollinating persimmon tree that produces a yellowish-orange, sweet fruit. This is a favorite of many persimmon lovers. The fruit has very few seeds which makes it ideal for eating fresh. The persimmons ripen in mid-fall and are oblong fruit with a yellow flesh. 


The Saijo tree also produces white-pink flowers in the late spring or early summer before it fruits, and it boasts of fall foliage. Another attractive quality of the persimmon tree is its high pest resistance. The Saijo has a moderate growth-rate and reaches around 4 Metres high with a width of about 2 metres but can be pruned back to a smaller size. Plant in full sun or partial shade with moist, well-drained soil. We graft the Saijo persimmon onto American Persimmon root stock but should only be planted on the South Coast.


Since the Saijo is an astringent persimmon, be sure to select fruits that are fully ripe and soft to the touch, indicating that they have matured to their full sugar potential. Firm, under ripe fruits will have an unpleasant tannic mouthfeel and insipid flavor. Saijo is an Asian Persimmon (Diospyros Kaki).

Other persimmon worthy varieties worth looking into: Prok, Barbras Blush, Chinebuli, Dar Sopvheivki,, Moonshine,  Gora Roman Kosh, Claypool H-63, Nikitas Gift.

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