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Cangzhou Persimmon

  • Asian persimmon.

  • Grows well in UK.

  • Excellent flavour.

  • Self Fertile.

  • Non- Astringent.


Cangzhou Persimmon Description

Cangzhou Persimmon produces large sweet non-astringent fruit that can be eaten straight from the tree. Originating from China,  Cangzhou Persimmon will grow up to 5 metres in height and produce about 20kg of high quality fruit. Fruit ripens in late September of early October.

What is the best persimmon to grow? We grow many persimmons, and share details on all of them. We grow varieties like Chinebuli, Dar Sophievki, Gor Roman Kosh, Barbra's Blush, 100-46 by Jerry Lehman, H-63 Claypool, and Nikita's Gift.


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