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Other Fruit We Recommend Growing in the UK

pink blueberry
black raspberry
Saskatoon Berry

Other Fruit We Recommend Growing

There are many other fruit plants, bushes and trees we have for our personal use and recommend you think about adding them to your garden. We do not sell or supply these, but have enjoyed them immensely ourselves and you may as well.

Apricot, Plum and Cherry Crosses
We are still testing these trees, but they are showing some promise. We can not use the official names for copyright reasons. They are different combinations of Apricots, Plums (Asian) and Cherries mixed together. You need to choose a variety that will ripen in the UK weather.

Similar to a blueberry but larger berries that have more of a cherry flavour mixed in. The two biggest benefits to these lovely bushes is that they grow in neutral soil unlike acidic soil blueberries, and the ripen in May. Honeyberries are some of the first fruits you will get to enjoy in the spring.

Black Jewel Raspberry
Many nurseries in the UK claim to have the newest and best tasting raspberry. We have grown many varieties and in the end they all taste like pretty much the same. The one that does stand out as being different is the American Black Jewel Raspberry. It grows very well in the UK even in poor soils and is a heavy producer of candy like flavoured raspberries. They do not have the sharp flavour of a normal raspberry.

Pink Blueberry
What is our opinion on pink blueberries, do they really taste like pink lemonade? Yes they do!
Saskatoon Berry

Originating from Canada and sometimes referred to as as June Berry, this little fruit is about the size of a blueberry but tastes like a mix of blueberry and almond and cherry. It grows as an upright bush and is low maintenance. As the name suggests it usually ripens in June.

Seabuckthorns are an amazing fruit, providing health benefits that other fruits and vegetables can not. It is high in Omega 9 (anti-imflamitory) as well as other omegas and rich in vitamins. One small seabuckthorn can have as much vitamin C as 15 oranges. They key to growing seabuckthorns for personal use is to find varieties high in oil content. Some seabuckthorns varieties taste like a nice but strong slightly sour citrus flavour but other varieties like those that grow in the wild are almost unpalatable.

I had a list of fruit trees that I thought were overstated from a few of the larger tree nurseries that sold them.


Unfortunately I was asked to remove it.

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