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Some pawpaws are fantastic. Most are alright to eat but many just aren't worthwhile eating. Certain cultivars provide flavourful pawpaw fruit.

Hillbilly 2.jp2

Pawpaw Varieties

There are many pawpaws available today. Most are wild pawpaws that people have named themselves. Certain cultivars like Hillbilly were specifically grown for the flavour, texture, size of fruit and aftertaste.

Below are some one the named pawpaws we have heard of. Just because they are on this list doesn't mean they are good, bad, or otherwise.

Al Horn​ Pawpaw

Atwood Pawpaw

Benny's Favourite Pawpaw

Benson Pawpaw

Cawood Pawpaw

Caspian Pawpaw

Chappell Pawpaw

Creek Side Pawpaw

Davis Pawpaw

Greenriver Belle Pawpaw

Halvin Pawpaw

Honeydew Pawpaw

Ithaca Pawpaw

Ixl Pawpaw

Kentucky Champion Pawpaw

La Bell Pawpaw

Lady D Pawpaw

Lafleur 21 Pawpaw

Lehman's Delight Pawpaw

Lynn's favourite Pawpaw

Mammoth Pawpaw

Mango Pawpaw

Maria's Joy Pawpaw

Mary Foos Jones Pawpaw

Middletown Pawpaw

Mitchell Pawpaw

NC-1 Pawpaw

Nyomi's Delicious Pawpaw

Overleese Pawpaw

PA Golden 1 Pawpaw

PA Golden 2 Pawpaw

PA Golden 3 Pawpaw

PA Golden 4 Pawpaw

Prima 1216 Pawpaw

Prolific Pawpaw

Rebecca's Gold Pawpaw

Ruby Keenan Pawpaw

SAA-Zimmerman Pawpaw

Summer Delight Pawpaw

Sunflower Pawpaw

Sweet Alice Pawpaw

Taylor Pawpaw

Taytwo Pawpaw

Tollgate Pawpaw

Tropical Treat Pawpaw

Wells Pawpaw

Wilson Pawpaw

9-58 Pawpaw

4-25 Pawpaw

166-20 Pawpaw

250-39 Pawpaw

275-48 Pawpaw

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