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Lehman's Delight


  • Excellent flavour

  • Mid to late ripening

  • Not a good choice for the UK Climate

  Lehman's Delight Pawpaw Description


One of Jerry Lehman's pawpaw varieties.  Lehman's Delight has a sweet flavor and creamy texture. This pawpaw fruit in 2011 and 2012 won the Ohio Pawpaw Festival biggest pawpaw contest. Additionally won second place in the best pawpaw contest in 2013 and 2014 beating out 14 other entries each year. Mid to late season producer.

Jerry Lehman was a legend in pawpaws and produced many fine asimina triloba tree varieties with excellent fruit. Jerry Lehman pawpaw and persimmon varieties are available at Hillbilly Farms. Many of his varieties will not ripen in the UK but the ones that do we have.

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