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Hillbilly  Pawpaw Trees 

Amazing trees, grown in the UK. Pawpaw trees do require more attention for the first two years after planting, but then are very easy to look after. Out trees produce high quality fruit with tropical flavours. Our trees originate from the best genetic material from top breeders along with some of our own. What is the best tasting pawpaw variety? How long does it take a pawpaw tree to bear fruit? Are pawpaw trees cold hardy? Do you need two pawpaw trees to get fruit? Where can I purchase pawpaw trees?

The Best way to grow Asimina Triloba Trees – PAWPAWS.

You need to take care in providing the best growing conditions for your Pawpaw in the first two years, After the tree is about 2 ft tall it is very low maintenance.


If after a year of growing, the leaves are pale yellow in spring and summer (not in autumn when the leaves naturally turn yellow), you may need to add chelated iron to help deter and correct this issue.


The best care for a new tree is the following:

  1. Choose a place where the Pawpaw tree will have lots of light in its third year and afterwards.  Pawpaw trees thrive in sunlight after year three but in the first two years can not handle strong direct sunlight , it burns the leaves.

  2. Be very careful with the tap root. Pawpaw trees have very long tap roots  that break easily.

  3. Pick a spot that drains well, there should be no standing water after a heavy rain pour.

  4. Pawpaw have very large leaves that prefer somewhat sheltered areas where the wind won’t batter the leaves.

  5. Ideally the trees should be spaces about 3 metres apart. In the UK hand pollination may be required,. If he pawpaw trees are placed more than 4 metres apart it is difficult for any natural pollination.

  6. Pawpaw trees need rich organic free draining but moist soil. For each new tree you should dig a hole 60cm deep and wide, fill it with one-thid each of peat moss, well rotted farm manure and your natural soil.

  7. Treed should be staked with a strong tree stake as the fruit is very heavy and can be overwhelming for the tree.

  8. When placing the new Pawpaw tree in the hole, be careful as the roots will not hole the soil together. /be gentle and take care not to damage the tap root.

  9. Water is thoroughly and adjust the soil as needed. Water throughout the year keeping the solid moist at all times but not waterlogged.

  10. Mulch the tree to keep the soil from drying out.

  11. If needed put a small cage around the tree to stop rabbits etc. from damaging the tree. Keep snail and slugs away from the tender leaves in the first two years.

  12. There should be no need for fertilizer or pruning, but add compost regularly.

  13. Pawpaws like deep loamy soil rich in nutrients.  The are original from areas of riverbeds.


If you do not plant in an area with lots of sunlight, your chances of fruit maturing is greatly lowered.



  1. Grow in an area that is shaded. You will not get much if any fruit.

  2. Grow in bad soil conditions.

  3. Grow in soils with a ph of more than 7 (neutral) or lower than 6.

  4. Let the pawpaw roots sit in standing non draining water

  5. Do not let your Pawpaw leaves get sun scorched in the first 2-3 years, Protect them by shading with a tarp or similar roof over top and protection the sides.

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