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Sunflower Pawpaws


  • Pawpaw flavour, sometimes a bitter aftertaste.

  • Can grow in UK but can be difficult.

  • Can have great flavour, wild pawpaw.

  • Late ripening, there are better choices.

Sunflower Pawpaw Description

Sunflower Pawpaws are large, good quality, self-fertile paw paw strain so they only need one tree to make fruit. Very Late ripening, not suitable for most areas in UK.

Creamy, strongly aromatic pulp. The taste is reminiscent of mango, apricot, pineapple, banana and vanilla. Sunflower is a great tasting pawpaw but can be difficult to ripen in the UK.  Prima 1216 Pawpaw is a seedling from a Sunflower Pawpaw.

The variety Sunflower forms oval-thick fruits. At maturity, they are soft (finger pressure) and are usually also slightly yellowish. Just cut the fruits and spoon them out.

If you only have room for one tree and live in the south of the UK, this tree is a good choice for being self fertile (you may need to hand pollinate). It does ripen very late, so in cooler summers it may not fully ripen. If you have room for two trees you may be better off with two earlier varieties or a Sunflower with an earlier variety.

Pawpaws (Asimina Triloba) are related to custard apples and cherimoya, in the sugar apple family, and yet they grow in the temperate zone, having moved north as Ice Age glaciers receded. Flavours of mango, melon, banana, raspberry and pineapple come from this creamy fruit. Like many fruits, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you let them get bruised, or you pick them under-ripe they won't taste very good!


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Sunflower Asimina Triloba
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