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Gora Roman Kosh Persimmon

  • Hybrid persimmon.

  • Grows well in UK.

  • Excellent flavour.

  • Self fertile.

  • Astringent.


Gora Roman Kosh Persimmon Description

Gora Roman Gosh Persimmon is wonderful hybrid persimmon with excellent flavour.  Gora Roman Gosh astringent and needs to be fully ripened before eating. Fruit size is approximately 240 grams when mature and the tree grow 3-4 metres high. Adult trees produce 50-60 Kgs of fruit.

What is the best persimmon to grow? We grow many persimmons, and share details on all of them. We grow varieties like Chinebuli, Dar SophievkiBarbra's Blush, 100-46 by Jerry Lehman, H-63 Claypool, and Nikita's Gift.

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