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Cantaloupe Pawpaw 

  • Cantaloupe Mellon after taste

  • Grows well in UK

  • Excellent Flavour

  • Early Ripening

Cantaloupe Pawpaw Description

Excellent quality, 325 gram, round fruits with few seeds, great flavour with a cantaloup flavour.  More cold hardy than the average asimina triloba early ripening and proven in UK climates! Considered not only one of the best cultivars in general but also has good potential for developing other early-ripening, cold-hardy and resilient northern cultivars. Fruit texture and flavour is excellent, smooth, buttery and sweet.

Pollination: Other freestone pawpaw or any other grafted or seedling pawpaw tree will pollinate. For good pollination, plant trees 8-15 ft away from each other only. Pawpaws are not male and female, but rather have “male and female” flower parts on each flower. Every tree is capable of bearing fruit if pollinated well with pollen from another genetically different pawpaw tree. Hand pollination results in heaviest fruit set.

Pawpaws are generally remarkably disease and insect resistant. 

Ripening: Early

Site requirements: Full sun location for best fruit production. Pawpaws will grow in shade but produce much less fruit. Pawpaws tolerate a range of soil types provided the planting location is well drained and there is heavy mulch and plenty of fertilizer and water. Protected locations, such as on the South, East or West side of a building is ideal on very windy sites are recommended.

Size at maturity: 15-20′ tall and wide, depending on location, care and pruning to reduce height. We recommend heading them at about 10″ and removing suckers, both of which keep the trees very manageable and small.

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