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Hybrid Persimmon

  • Hybrid persimmon.

  • Grows very well in UK.

  • Excellent flavour and texture.

  • Astringent.


 Moonshine Persimmon Description

A great Hybrid Persimmon Variety, Hillbilly Moonshine Persimmon has 3cm diameter fruit that becomes very sweet and very deep amber orange colour when ripe, with a delicious taste that melts in your mouth. This and Vixen are our two favourites.

Commonly called the American persimmon, common persimmon, eastern persimmon, simmon, possumwood, possum apples, or sugar plum. It ranges from southern Connecticut/Long Island to Florida, and west to Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Kansas. American persimmon trees are very common in the South Atlantic, Gulf states and especially near the Mississippi River.

American persimmon fruit are round or oval and orange-yellow. They range in size from 2cm to 6cm in diameter and fruits ripen in late fall or early winter.

Other persimmon worthy varieties worth looking into: Barbras Blush, Chinebuli, Vixen, Prok, Dar Sopvheivki, Gora Roman Kosh, Claypool H-63, Nikitas Gift.


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