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Growing Fruit Trees in the UK Climate

In order for fruit to grow and ripen on there fruit tree there must be certain requirements met. Main factors include quality of soil, growing degree hours and rainfall. In the USA, climate zones have been created to help people gauge if there tree is acceptable for the area but unfortunately there are no clear established zones in the United Kingdom.  There are a few areas in the UK that overall are better for growing fruit trees such as Dorset, Herefordshire, Kent and Worcestershire.

Even in the better growing areas within the UK, other countries can grow far more fruit per tree than us.

Pawpaws and Persimmons are borderline in the UK as they like warm summers with lots of degree growing hours. There are fortunately a few that will produce fruit in the UK and we strive to find the ones that will with the best flavours. The same trees grown in Germany or other parts of Europe do not necessarily establish and fruit in the UK.  Wild Pawpaws are unlikely to fruit, ripen and taste good in the UK.

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