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Greenriver Pawpaw

Greenriver Belle

  • Great flavour

  • Not a great choice for UK Climate

Greenriver Belle Pawpaw


Discovered near the Green River in Hart County, KY.  Some say with a cinnamon aftertaste.  Productive, high quality, exceptional flavour and has no bitterness or aftertaste.  Little to no Phylosticta fungus on the leaves or fruit. Few seeds. Good producer. Firmer texture than most. Good shipping potential.  Selected by Carol Friedman in 1998.

Pawpaws (Asimina Triloba) are related to custard apples and cherimoya, in the sugar apple family, and yet they grow in the temperate zone, having moved north as Ice Age glaciers receded. Flavours of mango, melon, banana, raspberry and pineapple come from this creamy fruit. Like many fruits, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you let them get bruised, or you pick them under-ripe they won't taste very good!

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